Bespoke Bridal

Bespoke Bridal

Join me creatively to combine elements from your wedding day into a stunning piece of art to last a lifetime. Using components from paper goods, lace from your bridal gown and even words from your vows - each piece will be incredibly personalized.
Having a background in the wedding industry, I had a vision for this keepsake collection. We spend so much time carefully picking out every detail for our wedding day to then having any memories of them stored away in a box to only come across every once in a while. This is an opportunity to showcase those meaningful components in a fresh and modern way. 
Below are examples of sizes and styles that will be offered - each one is also for sale.  Please send me an email if you have any questions or would like to gift a commission to a bride and groom-to-be. 
Using Materials of Your Choosing...

*Wedding Invitations and Envelopes

*Save the Date


*Lace from your gown

*Vows or a handwritten note