Little Moments

Little Moments

It’s okay to get lost every once in a while, sometimes getting lost is how we find ourselves. – Robert Tew

Since the new year I have been in a bit of a strange headspace.

I was struggling with not feeling like myself, and in turn, didn’t have a clear vision in what I wanted to create. 

I had to make the conscious decision to stop overthinking all aspects of my work, my business, the future and just make. I was having a hard time figuring out what inspiration I wanted to pull from and thought it needed to be a big statement, or some strong emotion. Honestly, that seemed overwhelming. Then one day I was on a hike. Halfway up the hill there was a clearing to an incredible view where the rolling green hills merged into the backdrop of mountain ranges and up to the most beautiful blue sky. 

In that moment, I stopped and thought: Wow. That was it. Simple. Stunning. And I was grateful. I was peaceful. So, that is where this collection has stemmed from. Those moments over the last few months where I’ve felt foggy, but then those little windows where God has shown me this world is a big, beautiful place. I found perspective and gratitude in those moments and that is what I aimed to capture with these pieces.

If you read through all that, whew, thank you. Thank you for being invested not only in my work, but also in who I am as an artist and person.