Beyond the Canvas: The Not-So-Glamorous Realities of Running a Small Art Business

Hey, there! Welcome back to my Studio Journal, where I spill the paint (let's be honest, I am very type A and rarely spill paint) on the behind-the-scenes of running a small art business. I wanted to take some time to dive into the less glamorous side of this creative journey and explore why it's more than just art.

This is more for myself than for you as a reader if I am being completely honest. Sometimes I need an outlet to remind myself how much I am doing and maybe success should be perceived in my mind differently. After drafting everything below, I became so proud of myself. Maybe I am not where I want to be monetarily or being represented by big galleries or selling out every time I launch a new collection, but what I am doing is more than most could fathom doing without being completely overwhelmed. And don't get me wrong, that also happens to me and I have to take a step back and again tell myself, I am only one person. This is a journey and I need to slow down at times and enjoy the path(s) that it is taking me on.

So, thank you for allowing me to showcase myself in a way that is more than just my art. It is a vulnerable thing to run a business selling handmade goods, but it has helped me grow as a person more than I ever thought it would. On to the nitty gritty!

Wearing Many Hats: The Jack/Jill of All Trades

Running a small business isn't just about creating beautiful pieces; it's about wearing multiple hats. As the proud owner and creator, I find myself juggling various roles daily. From handling shipping logistics and managing client relations to being my own marketing guru, every day brings a new set of challenges. It's not just about crafting masterpieces; it's about mastering the art of multitasking.

Shipping Shenanigans

Ever tried playing Tetris with packages? Welcome to the thrilling world of shipping! As a small business owner, I've learned that the journey of my artwork doesn't end at the canvas. Navigating through shipping rates, packaging materials, and ensuring each piece reaches its new home safely is a delicate dance. It's not as glamorous as the gallery exhibition, but it's a crucial part of the artistic process.

Marketing Magic

In a world overflowing with creativity, standing out requires more than just a brush and canvas. I've become my own marketing maestro, brainstorming strategies to showcase my work to the world. Whether it's creating engaging social media content, optimizing my website, or seeking out new opportunities, the marketing hustle is real. It might not be as visually striking as a fresh canvas, but it's an art form in itself.

Client Relations: The Art of Communication

Building relationships with clients is a delicate dance. It's not just about creating art; it's about understanding the visions and desires of those who appreciate it. Responding to inquiries, addressing concerns, and ensuring a seamless buying experience are all part of the job. The canvas might capture emotions, but effective communication ensures that those emotions extend beyond the frame.

Opportunity Hunting

In a vast artistic landscape, opportunities don't always knock on your studio door. I've become a hunter, seeking out exhibitions, collaborations, and partnerships to expand my horizons. It's about actively pursuing opportunities and not waiting for them to come to me. It might not be as soothing as painting, but the thrill of discovering new avenues is a reward in itself.

The Social Media Tightrope

Maintaining a social media presence is both a blessing and a challenge. It's not just about sharing finished pieces; it's about creating a narrative that resonates with my audience. It's a balancing act that demands time and effort, but the virtual stage is as crucial as the physical one.

Flexibility and Determination: The Double-Edged Sword

Sure, setting my own schedule and having flexibility are perks of being an artistpreneur. But with great freedom comes great responsibility. Staying determined, setting goals, and constantly pushing myself to achieve them is a daily task. The studio may be my sanctuary, but discipline is the key to turning dreams into reality.

So, while the journey of a small business owner may lack the glitz and glamour portrayed in the art world, it's a fulfilling adventure. It's about embracing the not-so-wonderful aspects with the same passion that goes into creating art. Because, in the end, the beauty lies not just in the art, but in the dedication and hard work that bring it to life.

Thanks for staying with me on this candid exploration of the art business journey. Until next time, keep creating and conquering!

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