Illuminating Creativity: My Canvas Lamp

In my journey as an artist-turned-entrepreneur, the Canvas Lamp has been a game-changer. It was my first major investment, guiding me through the early stages of my art business when professional photos seemed out of reach. This all-in-one lighting and video solution brought clarity to my work, even when my skills were still evolving.

I really appreciate the seamless integration of lighting and video capabilities. As a novice in the realm of photography and videography, having an all-in-one solution simplified my workflow immensely. With its soft, diffused lighting, the lamp effortlessly enhanced the details of my creations, captivating the visual narratives.

It is functionality meeting with aesthetics. The sleek, minimalist look adds a touch of sophistication to my space, serving as both a practical tool and a stylish accent piece. The ease at which you can change positions ensures that every angle and detail is captured with precision, especially in my beloved time-lapse videos. 

But what I love most about Canvas? It is a fellow small business based in Alabama founded and run by the best husband and wife team. Supporting fellow creators, and just awesome humans, adds depth to my investment, reinforcing the value of craftsmanship and community in my journey.

I am such a huge fan of Canvas that I've become a brand ambassador. With my code WHITNEY10, you can enjoy a 10% discount on any future order—a testament to my genuine love for their products.

Working and painting at my desk using Canvas lamp to film my process.

Using the Canvas lamp to film the sewing aspect of my art process.

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