Inside the Artist's Studio: Answering FAQs and Embracing Vulnerability

Hi!! Today I am going to be answering some frequently asked questions about my art, my creative process and the emotions behind putting my work out into the world. I am peeling back the layers of my artistic practice and sharing insights into the inspiration, motivation, and challenges that shape my creations. If there are other questions you have that you'd like me to touch on in a future post, please add it to the comments below. 

Do I Make My Own Papers?

I sure do! I found it humbling the amount of people who thought my papers were wallpaper, leather or other fabric materials when I did in person events this past year. In the realm of my artistic universe, 95% of my papers are crafted by hand, infused with acrylic and watercolor paints in a layered, dry brush technique I use. I embrace a small amount of specialty papers like hand-pressed floral papers as well as few wallpapers. The variety in materials enhances the depth and textures of my creations.

Textured hand painted paperTorn hand painted watercolor florals

Do I Always Feel Motivated to Make Art?

The answer is a dance between yes and no. The constant desire to create is the driving force, but there are moments when creating art becomes distinct from the urge to innovate. When I find myself in a creative rut or repeating patterns, I intentionally switch gears. The act of experimentation breathes new life into my work. Scheduled moments for artistic exploration ensure a continuous evolution of my craft.

Where Do I Get My Color Inspiration?

Paso Robles landscape from the mountain top setting sun

Nature serves as my muse, an ever-changing palette of soft, muted, and serene hues. The subtle tones of our environment influence my artwork, even when I play with the spectrum of a rainbow. Nature's beauty, from the intricate details of tree roots to the breathtaking landscapes, shapes the gentle and harmonious colors that define my creations.

What Sparks an Idea?

Inspiration can strike anywhere, from a leisurely walk with my daughters to a drive down the highway. It's the ordinary moments—a spilled cup of water, a reflection, or the rhythmic dance of waves—that trigger my imagination. Each idea, no matter how small, holds the potential to transform into a captivating piece of art.

Twisting tree

Was I Nervous to Start Posting My Work?

Absolutely. The vulnerability of sharing one's art is a journey in itself. Pouring care and emotion into each piece makes the act of putting it out into the world a courageous endeavor. The fear of judgment is real, but it's also a testament to the depth of connection I seek with those who appreciate and resonate with my work.  

*I planning on diving a bit deeper on this subject in a future post as I have become a bit more in tune with these feelings. 

In person festival tent set up


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