Unveiling the Art Commission Process

What's the Buzz About Art Commissions?

Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes when you commission a piece of art? It might seem like a mysterious process, but fear not! I'm here to pull back the curtain and share the magic that happens when you decide to bring a custom creation into your life.

Why Commission Art?

Commissioning art is like welcoming a fragment of an artist's essence into your environment. It's a collaboration, a unique journey that begins with your vision and ends with a one-of-a-kind masterpiece tailored just for you.

The Start: A Conversation

First things first, let's chat! I adore getting to know my clients and understanding the story behind the art they envision. We'll discuss the space you have in mind and any particular pieces of mine that caught your eye or a photo inspiration of a particular place you love. This conversation becomes the springboard for your custom creation.

I will walk you through a commission I've done and include photos along the way. For instance, this client wanted a piece based off this photo taken from their home in Colorado. The idea was capturing the essence of the sun setting behind the snow capped mountains. 

Inspiration image of the snowy mountains with the sun setting in Colorado.

Inspiration Unleashed

With your thoughts in mind, I dive into the world of inspiration. Your space, your preferences, and the beauty of my past works that resonate with you become the building blocks for your unique piece. It's like crafting a personalized playlist but with colors, shapes, and emotions.

Palette Power and Size Matters

Next, we get down to the nitty-gritty – the color palette, orientation, and size. These choices are the heartbeat of your artwork. Don't worry; I'll guide you through this process, making sure the final piece fits seamlessly into your space.

For this commission, I painted the background with the idea of a setting sun with the warm colors taken from the photo, but pulling more of the pinks into it to help the foreground pop. 

Background painting for a commission piece based on a sun setting in Colorado.

Sketching the Vision

Once we've nailed down the details, I typically sketch a general idea of layout and colors. I'll send over the rough sketch for your approval – it's a bit like a sneak peek before the grand reveal.

You can see here that I offered two different preliminary sketches for the client. They were open to orientation, but decided that the landscape direction was the way to go. This really just gives you a general idea of spacing and what I have in mind for the layout. 

Preliminary sketch for the art piece based on the snowy colorado mountains

Photo Diary: Capturing the Journey

As the paint starts to dance on the canvas, I keep you in the loop with a photo diary. You'll receive snapshots of the work in progress, giving you the chance to confirm colors, tweak details, and witness the evolution of your custom creation.

There is a stage where things might look a bit raw and unfinished in the photos because the layers will only be clipped together, allowing us to confirm or adjust the layout if needed. I know that it can be challenging to envision the final product in its early stages, but trust the process! 


Commission clipped together for approval before sewingclose up of the clipped pieces for approval before sewing.

At this point, I secure the layers and sew them together on my machine, weaving the final threads that bring your work of art to life. Soon after, you'll receive the completed images of your custom piece(s).

Sewing a commissioned work of art based on the snowy Colorado Mountains. 

Let's Make Art Together

So, if you've ever pondered the idea of having a custom piece that speaks to your soul, let's make it happen! Head over to my fill out the Request Form to kickstart the journey. I can't wait to bring your vision to life and create something truly extraordinary, just for you.

 Finished work of art based on the snowy Colorado mountainsFinished details of the thread work on a finished commission piece

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