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This was where it all started. The idea I had planted long ago I finally made come to life. There are two of these circle frames that feature rare and hard to find dome glass. 

This piece was created on 100% cotton watercolor paper. I incorporated painted papers, along with paper flowers, which I hand embroidered, to construct the layout before sewing the final details on my machine. With the frame, this measures approximately 7” in diameter.

Original art that is 11x14 and over will be shipped via UPS unless otherwise specified. Smaller pieces will be shipped USPS priority mail Customers will be responsible for shipping costs.

How Long Until My Order Arrives:

Once your order is complete, I will personally package and ship your art within 2-3 days. Typically UPS takes 3-7 days for home delivery based on location in the United States.

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Commission WOrk

I adore doing commissions!

They are one of the highlights of being an artist and creating works for people to enjoy in their homes, offices or studios.

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